Center Facility

What is the facility like?

Situated on 90 acres, the IAM Center is a renovated former dairy farm. The original Farm House dates back to the 1840’s. The Center is a renovated, modern campus of six buildings. The best part of all is being in Nature. There are stretches of fields, woods, a beautiful pond. Located on a dirt road, one never loses the sense of being away, a place that has a different rhythm.

The Farmhouse

The Farm House is the hub of the IAM Center, dating from the 1840’s. It has been extensively remodeled while retaining its farm charm.
The UpperHouse

The Upper House was constructed in 1985 to provide extra bedrooms for the Center.
The Group Space

This is our second large group room, renovated in 1988.
The Studio

The art studio is housed in a renovated granary barn. It is a large space on the second floor with beautiful views and vistas.