“DON’T READ THIS BOOK (Jesus: Healer of Our Inner World) if you are absolutely sure that you have no potential for growth in your relationship to Jesus. It might explode in your hands unless you swallow it whole and put it into practice.” – St. Anthony Messenger
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Jesus Healer of Our Inner World
A psychotherapist who believes that Jesus speaks to who we are as psychological beings, Walters explores our inner struggles and offers insight, examines toxic guilt and shame, our Inner Children, and the inner forces that lead us to “do the things we do not want, and not do that which we choose.” He explains these widespread psychological dynamics and shows how Jesus powerfully addressed them in the way he lived and in what he taught.

Healing the Fractured Self
Jack’s first book written in 1983, currently out of stock but available as an ebook. Jack Walters, S.J., a practicing psychotherapist for 25 years, is co-director of the IAM Counseling and Retreat Center in New Albany, Pennsylvania. He is a fellow in the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, and the author of “Healing the Fractured Self.”

The No-Lines Coloring Book
By Fred Strugatz, co-director of IAM Center, this is a Coloring Book exploring personal creative expression using one’s own unique ideas, symbols, images and colors. The Coloring Book is an Art Journal that is exciting and meaningful to create – a great way to spark the imagination!

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