Who Are We?


This is our explanation of the inner workings. This concept of the inner politic is our unique vision of healing at the IAM Center.We live in two worlds. There is the outer world where life goes on before us. We see it, view it, experience it.
Then there is the inner world, made up of our thoughts and feelings based on our entire private, historical experience.

If we take a look at this inner world, we will find there is an inner politic that often rules us.
How this inner politic works is sometimes difficult to grasp.
We are confused about what is happening inside of us?

We call this inner politic the ABC’s.
Be the Adult, Banish the voices and nurture the Children
Let’s take a closer look how this system operates.

Let’s start out with the idea of being in the present moment – the right now.
I am – with all my experience and life story.
I am the accumulation of all my wisdom, successes, failures…
I am the present day ME.

If we ground our self in the Adult place (the A in the ABC’s)
we can take a look at this inner politic from a more mature and neutral perspective.
This Adult space is where we want to live, but often we are pulled into Child spaces.

In growing up, we are bombarded with lots of information.
In infancy, we are left to rely on others for our safety and well being.
“Don’t go near the hot stove”, “don’t go near the steps” or “you did a good job”
are all ways a safe and nurturing environment can be established.
A healthy super ego, that which sits on top of the ego is established and we learn to have an integrated life.

But unfortunately, many of us received less than stellar information.
If we had abusive or neglectful parenting or guardianship,
we might have received messages like, “you are no good”, you can’t do anything right”,
“you are useless”, etc….
We might have also received messages from extended family members, church, school, society.
These are messages that come from the outer world, sit on us in the inner world
and often wrestle us with confusion.
This part of the inner politic is called the inner other.
It has been called the inner judge, inner critic, the gremlin.
Whatever it is called, it is not part of the true self.
It speaks to us in a you voice, “why can’t you do anything right?”
and we usually can trace it to some historical figure or group.
If this entity is giving us negative messages, it is up to us to figure out who that voice is
and Banish it!
Those negative, intrusive messages are not allowed in the sacred space of the I AM.

As the Adult, we certainly can review how these inner other voices have wreaked havoc in our inner world.
The damage to ourselves by these outside forces in various stages of growing up
certainly leave their mark.
We all can reflect on the ages that we had trauma.
That part of ourselves that went through that trauma, lived it and was affected by it,
still takes up a psychic state in our inner politic.
These are the Child spaces.
These parts of the self need care, nurturing and re-education.

There can be more than one Child part.
There is the repressed Child,
the part of ourselves that is sad, hiding, scared, unable to talk
or even be in life!
In the Adult place, we have to be grounded enough to let that Child know they are safe
and no mare trauma like that will be allowed.

Another Child part is called the Ally Child.
It is the part of the self that allies itself with the old system, the inner others
and perhaps historical abusers who are also in the present day.
This part of the self needs a great deal of care.
What started out as survival to ally with those abusers, has become a lone soldier
keeping life at bay.
This Ally Child thinks the battle is still being fought and wants to pull the Adult into a false safety of compliance.
But is is an unknowing trap to live the old way!

Both the Repressed Child and the Ally Child need care.
Many people want to boot the ally child out since it looks like the old way.
But remember, those parts of the self are just reacting to the old.
They need a new understanding of what happened and be brought into awareness and integration
with the Adult Self.

Be the Adult
Banish the Inner Other voices
Nurture the Child parts of the true Self

This is a system that is quick to learn and understand intellectually, but is also a daily heart practice for healing.